TOPNEWSOur response to new coronavirus infections.

Our response to new coronavirus infections.

TASSEL INN KYOTO KAWARAMACHI NIJO is taking the following measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

1.Initiatives at TASSEL INN

・We regularly disinfect and clean common areas, rooms and facilities.
・We ventilate inside the building at regular intervals.
・Guest room is ventilated before and after using.
・Employees are required to wear masks, wash hands, gargle and have their body temperature checked.
・We provide our customer services through social distancing.
・We have devised a method of serving meals (individual serving, etc.)
・We manage and decentralize the congestion at the dining venue.
・We have prepared an emergency response manual and shared with employees regularly.

2.To Guests

・We kindly ask that guests to disinfect their hands up on arrival.
・Please wash your hands and gargle thoroughly.
・Please note that we will ask you to fill in the health questionnaire at check-in.
・We kindly request guests to wear a face mask whenever going out from the guest room.
・We kindly ask you to keep the social distance.
・The dining hall restricts admission to guests who are not feeling well.
(Please be advised that we may not allow you to use the facilities if you have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, or difficulty breathing. We ask for your understanding in advance.)